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logo_joomla_tutorials_1There are a lot of very good Joomla tutorials available on Joomla Tutorials.  This site by Brad Baker, one of the Joomla Core Team and a principal of Rochen, a premiere Joomla hosting service.

They have a series of animated tutorials here:   http://www.joomlatutorials.com

Compass Designs Tutorials

logo_compass_designsCompass Designs has an excellent collection of tutorial articles. They are well organized, and well written.

And you would expect this to be so since the staff there are authors of several Joomla user's guide.  Plus, he has a more comprehensive user's guide for sale on his site.  Visit them at the Compass Designs tutorials here.

The Art of Joomla

logo_art_of_joomlaJoomla core team member Andrew Eddie offers a number of Joomla tips and tutorials on his site, The Art of Joomla.  As you would expect from a core team member, he tackles some topics that others stay away from.   Good stuff here.


Joomla Kahuna

Jlogo_joomla_kahuna_1oomla Kahuna is a commercial service that offers a series of Joomla video tutorials for about $ 30.  I have not seen their stuff, but they offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.